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Re: Why insulation = endothermy

There really is no such thing as "full" endothermy. Either an animal is
mainly dependent upon the environment for heat (ectothermic), dependent about
equally upon external and internal heat (mesothermic), or mainly dependent
upon internal thermogenesis (endothermic). There are different kinds of
endotherms however. For some 
insects, fish and sea turtles achieve endothermy almost entirely through
muscle activity while flying or swimming. Tuna, birds and mammals also use
constant organ generated heat to be endotherms. Alas there are no terms for
these different types yet. I suggest organoendothermic for the latter. I
would suggest myoendothermic for birds and mammals except they also use
muscular heat to be endotherms. 

Might as well use this space to note that although the naked mole rat is
ectothermic, it has a high resting metabolic rate. Odd.