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ScienceScan article

ScienceScan reports:

ScienceScan reports:

        The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a museum (portions that can be
explored online) which includes (1) 12,000 square feet of exhibition
area featuring specifically selected fossils representing sequential
geologic periods. This is designed to put the Dinosaurs found near the
museum into their natural context. (2) Preparation facilites that can be
viewed through large windows to see what goes on behind the scenes at a
working museum. (3) REAL dinosaurs, including a Triceratops horridus and
large Sauropods (mounting to begin sometime in 1997). (4) Fully stocked
gift shop with just about every dinosaur related item you can think of.
>From fossil reproductions to real fossil fish and real dinosaur bone to
puzzles, puppets and paraphernalia and has online order forms. (5) The
center also sponsors interactive dinosaur dig sites which are located
within two miles of the museum complex.
Go to to visit this museum.