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 Yesterday I was touring a member of the public (oilfield geologist) through
the labs. He was telling me of how he, as an English geology student, went
on a geology field trip to France in 1972. There, he recalls being told
about a site that had yielded 20 dinosaur skeletons. Apparently during the
Cretaceous (Early/Late unstated) a sinkhole had developed in Palaeozoic
rocks and formed a "pitfall trap" in which dinosaurs (type(s) unstated) had
fallen. I'm not familiar with this locality. Does anyone on the mailing list
know about this site? Perhaps this is actually the Belgium IGUANODON locality?

Darren Tanke
Technician, Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


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