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T. rex bone count

I would like to know how to find out what material is in the decent (25%+
complete) skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex.  I have lists that give me
information like "complete skull + 40% of postcranial skeleton", but I would
like to have that 40% filled in better.  I have the figures for the
specimens Osborn described.  I am particularily interested in the specimens
at the Tyrrell and SDSM 12047.  I don't need elabourate measurements (but
would accept them gladly), all I want is something like:

80% complete skull, c 1-5, d 2-12, sac 1-5, cd 1-9, L & R femora, R humerus,

If anyone can give me this information, or the name of a contact who would
have this information, or a reference where I could get it myself, it would
be much appreciated.  I know that most of this type of information is
unpublished, but it has to exist somewhere.  A photocopy of that information
is all I would require (I would even send stamped envelope to cover the cost


"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
Although the Mike Harris cutback theory intrigues me...