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Were some dinosaurs descended from birds?

Flightless birds keep evolving, from times as early as the Cretaceous. 
This process would be even easier for birds which still retained
functional claws on their forelimbs.  It seems to me that the most avian
of dinosaurs are very easily explained as being secondarily flightless. 
Birds would have evolved considerably earlier.  This would mean, of
course, that either birds were descended from dinosaurs or some birds
were misidentified as dinosaurs, or that there were two seperate
lineages of birds, one dinosaurian, and one not (I doubt it, but I
suppose it's possible).

I know I'm not the only person to have thought of this, but I get the
impression it's not a widely held idea, either.  Has anybody attempted
to come up with a method for identifying secondarilly flightless clawed

Ed Uber