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Well, I am not in a position to debate if man is a poor example for 
physiology amongst other extant animals and certainly not for 
extinct ones.

I don't think that RT's are really for conserving water.  They could 
be one mechanism to assist in retaining insensible water loss, but I 
doubt if it would be a primary nor necessary one in most animals.  
Unless an animal lived in a desert environment, it would not need it. 
Most dinosaurs would drink enough water to stay in balance. 

Compared to renal losses and colonic losses, loss of water thru 
breathing is not important.  I don't think that birds (the closest 
thing to a living dinosaur) could have that different of a physiological makeup 
me to be wrong, but since I don't know birds, I'm willing to be taught.

Michael Teuton