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Janensch in translation

Does anyone know of any good English translations of Janensch's 
Tendaguru papers?  I am only in German II and am having a hard time 
with the originals.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  
Here are the references in question:

Janensch, W.  1929a.  Die Wirbelsaule der Gattung _Dicraeosaurus_.  
Palaeontographica (Supplement 7) 2:39-133.

_________.  1929b.  Material und Formengehalt Sauropoden in der 
Ausbeute der Tendaguru-Expedition.  Palaeontographica (Supplement 7) 

_________.  1935-36.  Die Schadel der Sauropoden _Brachiosaurus_, 
_Barosaurus_, und _Dicraeosaurus_ aus den Tendaguru-schichten 
Deutsch-Ostafrikas.  Palaeontographica (Supplement 7) 2:147-298.

_________.  1950.  Die Wirbelsaule von _Brachiosaurus brancai_.  
Palaeontographica (Supplement 7)  2:27-93.

_________.  1961.  Die Gliedmaszen und Gliedmaszengurtel der 
Sauropoden der Tendaguru-schichten.  Palaeontographica (Supplement 7)