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I recall seeing a question on this list about Madagascan dinosaurs. Alan Brush
mentioned _Vorona_ but wasn't sure about any others. 

David Krause, Cathy Forster and colleagues, all of Stony Brook, have now
published a few things on their newly discovered dinosaur locality in the
Majahanga Basin, n. Madagascar. Or is it Mahajanga? Anyway, well known nowadays
is that they have *3* new birds. _Vorona berivotrensis_ is old hat. Exciting but
still officially unpublicised is a new, turkey-sized bird with a sickle-claw.
This has been extensively discussed here on the list, has been displayed at a
few palaeontological conventions (DinoFest being one I think), and was mentioned
in the Dinosaur Report article on the site. A third form is a complete mystery:
well, it is to me. I haven't heard a _thing_ about it. 

These animals are all Campanian in age. Just what this means re: the presence
on Madagascar of a sickle-clawed bird is very intriguing. Best guess is that
it's a lemur-style holdover.. we'll see. The fossils were found in association
with a titanosaur skeleton. No details out on this but they should be good. Also
well publicised is the cranial material of  _Majungatholus_, an abelisaurid that
was initially thought to be (Galton and Sues) a pachycephalosaur. The
wonderfully preserved premax of this dinosaur was described in _JVP_ 16 (3). I
_think_ a femur of a small theropod (coelurosaur?) was reported from the same

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