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From: Darren Tanke <dtanke@dns.magtech.ab.ca>
 > He was telling me of how he, as an English geology student, went
 > on a geology field trip to France in 1972. There, he recalls being told
 > about a site that had yielded 20 dinosaur skeletons. Apparently during
 > the Cretaceous (Early/Late unstated) a sinkhole had developed in
 > Palaeozoic rocks and formed a "pitfall trap" in which dinosaurs ...
 > had fallen. ... Perhaps this is actually the Belgium IGUANODON
 > locality?

It certainly sounds like it might be.  Except for the "France" bit,
the descriptiuon certainly fits.  The big _Iguanodon_ quarry *was*
a fissure fill.

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