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Re: Why insulation = endothermy

Joe Daniel wrote:
>Forgive my confusion, but this sounds very similar to what Stan said.  So what 
>is your problem with Stan's post? [...]
>means exclusive to Stan's comment and in fact fits in nicely with it.  So I 
>repeat, what's your point?  Have I misinterpreted something here?
        I was not at all objecting to Stan's point at all, but he was making
a complex evolutionary argument to counter a claim by Dr. Feduccia, and I
was pointing out that, no matter how good Stan's point was, it wasn't
necessry. It is not necessary to make a counter-argument to a flawed
argument. It's becoming a bit tiresome watching people take Dr. Feduccia's
argument at face value, without considering the implications.
        That's all.  I liked Stan's explanation!
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