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Giants of the Gobi

There was an inquiry about this exhibit earlier on this list.  The exhibit
opens at Portland, Oregon's OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
March 1 and continues to September 1.  It is sponsored by Fred Meyer (yes,
the chain store...) and they have a web site with information on the
exhibit, including hours and how to order tickets:


I have been in contact with the web master about whether further sites are
planned for this exhibit.  This is the response he's given me today:

>From what we at Fred
>Meyer understand, the Mar. 1 to Sept. 1 showing here at OMSI in Portland is
>the only showing until perhaps 1999. We are trying to confirm this
>information as still being accurate (it was said during a press conference
>for the exhibit approximately a month ago).

Plus he gave lots of great information about other things to see and do in
the Pacific Northwest, which I can forward to anyone who is interested and
thinking of a visit out here to catch this exhibit.

Georgiana Ellis, Seattle