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Calling all Patagonykus...

To helpful people with access to the Patagonykus paper and a fax machine,

I have not yet recieved a copy of the Gondwana dinos volume (Memoirs of the
Queensland Museum).  I have an informal talk on theropod evolution to give
at the Paleo Society of Washington next Wednesday, and would like to include
at least some preliminary aspects of Patagonykus in my analysis.

If any of you kind hearted souls out there can xerox the paper (assuming it
is fairly short) and fax it to me (number below), I would be most greatful!

Thanks in advance,

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Vertebrate Paleontologist     Webpage: http://www.geol.umd.edu
Dept. of Geology              Email:th81@umail.umd.edu
University of Maryland        Phone:301-405-4084
College Park, MD  20742       Fax:  301-314-9661

"To trace that life in its manifold changes through past ages to the present
is a ... difficult task, but one from which modern science does not shrink.
In this wide field, every earnest effort will meet with some degree of
success; every year will add new and important facts; and every generation
will bring to light some law, in accordance with which ancient life has been
changed into life as we see it around us to-day."
        --O.C. Marsh, Vice Presidential Address, AAAS, August 30, 1877