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Australian farmer finds 220 million-year-old fossil

*** Australian farmer finds 220 million-year-old fossil

An Australian farmer landscaping his garden with stone blocks has
found a 220 million-year-old fossil, which scientists believe may be a
new type of amphibian. Australian Museum paleontologist Alex Ritchie
said Friday the fossil, which pre-dates dinosaurs by 10-15 million
years, was the most complete of its type found in Australia since
1910. The fossil was of a 6.5-foot brachyopid temnospondyl amphibian,
whose closest living relatives are salamanders and frogs. The fossil
was found in a coastal town 62 miles north of Sydney. For the full
story, see http://www.merc.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=1537464-c9c

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