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Bird refs?

I am looking for references for...
     Chatterjee's paper on _Protoavis_.
     The original paper revealing that the "ossified tendons" of
_Deinonychus_ were really zygopophysis.     
     The papers describing furculae in _Oviraptor_ and _Ingenia_.  How
many maniraptors are furcula known from?  I would appreciate refernces for
any paper describing a furcula in a maniraptor (except _Archaeopteryx_).
Are _Allosaurus_ and the new DNM theropod the only non-maniraptors
that furculae are known from?  Are the ear canal similarities between
birds and _Troodon_ totally covergent (they are KNOWN not to exist in
other maniraptors)?       
     Any papers (or at least the most recent ones, to give me a
bibliography to start with) advocating a non-dinosaurian origin for birds.
Besides crocodilians and pseudosuchians, which archosaurian groups have
been suggested as bird ancestors?  Which thecodont group is (according to
Chatterjee) _Protoavis_ supposed to belong to? 
    Thanks in advance....

LN Jeff