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Re: mammal mystery

I'm sure there was some tongue in cheek about extinction of hominids. 
Elephants likely will never be extinct as long as hominids are 
extant.  They're just too kewl to look at, so we will preserve them 
in some manner, while we exterminate most of the wild population 
through loss of habitat.  

Speaking of bolide impacts.  If it occurs every 26million years, then 
65mya, 39mya,13mya,13myf(million years future).  Damn, I'm gonna 
miss the fireworks.  Let's see, where did I put that melatonin?

Speaking seriously now, no one responded to my idea about our own 
little sun doing the diry work.  Sun does something that affects 
climate(every 26 million years or so).  Seas change.  Land changes.  
Large fauna becomes extinct.  

Michael Teuton