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Dana Geraths wrote:

> I dissagree, I think the first movie as well as this one give people
> the wrong idea regarding dinosaurs and the people who study them. I   > have 
> noticed that alot of fans use that same idea in justifying the > movie..

EEK, why do I feel I've just been insulted.  "Fan."  Sounds like an
obscenity.  Look, I've interviewed dozens of successful paleontologists,
Dana.  Dozens.  And a great percentage of them first got the paleo bug
after playing with a little bags of god awful plastic dinosaurs, or from
seeing one of the really BAD dinosaur movies we all grew up with.  

It would be nice if accurate science was box office.  But it isn't now,
nor has it ever been.  However, I DO believe a lot of eager minds might
be sparked, even by, GASP, Steven Spielberg.  

> Wrong... what it does do is make paleontology looks glamorous and     > easy, 
> two words I would NEVER associate with this science. 

Glamor is in the eye of the beholder.  I've been on three digs, and
while it's seriously hard work, I would say the glamor is
unquestionable.  The magic of hiking your ass off to get to the dig, the
mystery of chipping through block after block of matrix just HOPING
you'll find buried treasure, the wonder of discovery when you DO find
something hidden for 100 million years.  Sorry Dana, but I think that's
glamor at it's finest.  

Easy? Well, figure skaters make skating look easy.  Good men of medicine
make open heart surgery look like a snap.  Even the best of paleo
documentaries tend to make the work look easy.  I'll concede to a degree
on this one, but I don't think it's a reason to discount the benefit of
a project that draws attention (and in some cases funding) to

> It also gives people the wrong impressions about the morphology of > > some 
> animals. Every single school talk I have ever given ( and I have > given 
> ALOT) someone asks if Dilophosaurus could spit venom...... 

Ahhhh...but Dana you miss the point.  They do ASK!!!  And thanks to
people like you and me, they are given a good dose of science along with
the fictionalized fun stuff.  

> yikes.... your right, thats good press.

I take the good with the bad Dana.  I love the hard science, just as
much as the next guy.  But I see no sin in loving the fun natured stuff
too.  Sue me, I'm a fun kinda gal.