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Re: Asteroid impact finally confirmed?

Answer: the asteriod didn't kill everything off...yes it did cause a lot
of mass destruction and specific animal groups were wiped out.

But part of the answer lies in the situation prior to the impact.
Dinosaurs seem to already be on a decline, except the birds which were
radiating quite nicely.  Mammals were still small and were dominated by
the dinosaurs.  The earth itself was changing...shallow seas were
draining, and the oceans were getting deeper.  The climate was beginning
to become more extreme (colder at the poles, and warmer/dryer at the

Now bring in the asteroid....KABOOM!!! what a mess...

Dinosaurs (non-avian)   nearly all wiped out 
Dinosaurs (avian)       did pretty well
small Mammals           according to some no so well
other archosaurs        not too bad
amphibians              "frogs" according to Bakker came out
                        untouched...yeah right!!

Now...after the impact, the conditions are not so good even for
fossilization.  So we have very poor sampling.

Well in a nutshell....all those surviving non-avian dinosaurs slowly
became reduced to nothing, while the avian-dinosaurs radiated even more...
The question I have is why did the surviving mammals manage to become