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Re: _Becklespinax_

From: jdharris@post.cis.smu.edu (Jerry D. Harris)
 > what exactly is the deal with "Altispinax" vs. _Becklespinax_?

A very big mess.

 >  Is the
 > latter a formally named and described taxon and, if so, what's the
 > reference?

Yes.  For more details, my Web site has the full gory details
explained.  You can start at URL:
and go to the entry for Becklespinax.  That one cross references to
the entry for Altispinax.

 >  I know that _Altispinax_ is a nomen dubium, based on the
 > holotype tooth and the vertebrae were referred.

The vertebrae are no longer refered.  They are the basis of
_Becklespinax_.  _Altispinax_ is now just the tooth.

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