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Walters & Kissinger wrote:
> Spielberg is not the beginning or end of this debate, but I have an
> interesting point to add.  Several years ago, My partner, Bob and I   > had 
> dinner with a number of the dinosaur scientists from the          > 
> Smithsonian and Ray Harryhausen and his wife.  The scientists, each   > one, 
> confessed to Ray that it was he and his movies that led them to > become 
> paleontologists.
> This same effect is what we can expect from JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST
> WORLD. Popularizing paleontology is a good thing for the future of the
> field because it encourages young people, on a level where they can be
> reached today, to go into science .
> Tess Kissinger

My point exactly, Tess.  By the way, keep me in mind the next time you
and Bob need a solo lady for one of those great paleo dinners.  :)