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Hi gang

I think we are missing part of the boat with the idea that all extinctions
are failures. As Gould pointed out in "Its a Wonderful World" and many other
places. a lot of extinction is due to bad luck. Bad luck to the dino's
because they didn't live in burrows ( or whatever) when the big boulder
arrived. Luck. Up until that event the dino's were doing just great. Now its
probably not quite as simple as that but I think you can get the drift. 

Now extinction is a failure due to a poor interface to the local environment.
If the local environment becomes as large as the extent of the range of the
species then that species will bite the dust. With the dinos the change in
environment was the whole earth and rapid. 

A really good idea is to have the fakey asteroid land on the lost world
island and then have the dino's wiped out twice by the same agent. I'm
becoming deranged.

paul sparks