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Re: Asteroid impact finally confirmed?

> From: skeptics_talk@vmetze.mrl.uiuc.edu (Mark O'Leary)
> > but the main killer would be the century or so of low light
> > and wintry conditions ...
>I seriously doubt it would last *that* long.
>The best climatic models of this sort of thing show a much weaker,
>and much briefer, effect than the oldest, most dramatic "nuclear
>winer" models.  I suspect the worst one would get is a decade or
>so of autumnal conditions, not centuries of wintery conditions.
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>The peace of God be with you.

        For big animals used to tropical conditions worldwide, who were
already declining, this may have been enough.  I think the bolide was the
coup de grace, rather than the whole & entire cause of the dinos'


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