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Use of Glyptal and Shellac in Paleontology

 Tricia Longeway, an intern student here at Tyrrell is working on a fossil
conservation project. Please help her out if you can. She has asked me to
post the following message:

 "Hello, I am currently working on a research paper involving the history,
uses, benefits, drawbacks and removal of the products Glyptal and Shellac
from fossilized bone. I am curious to find information from people who have
worked or are working with these products in the field of paleontology
(either in the lab, field or both). If you have had good results, or
problems using these products, tell me about your experiences. I would like
to hear from you. Please contact me at the museum, my email address is

 Darren Tanke
Darren Tanke
Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program
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