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Re: mammal mystery

> > Why bother in the first place?  Small
> > mammals were around since the Late Triassic, so it isn't like they would
> > have had to change strategies.
> This assumes that mammals didn't do any evolving in the cretaceous.  We
> know that is false.  You, like just about everyone else but me, seem to
> think the dinosaurs could have nothing to fear from mammals and birds.  I
> was reading Geo. Eliot's _Middlemarch_ the other day and came across this
> quote.  

     Your idea assumes that dinosaurs did not evolve either.  It also
forgets all the conservatively sized theropods like _Oviraptor_.  If I
remeber right, most dinosaurs were "pony sized", and there were plenty 
of small ones around that would be happy to much an unseuspecting
mammal.  If you were a shrew sized mammal, would going after an egg so 
large (considering the relative sizes of dinosaur eggs and most Cretaceous
mammals) that you would have to eat it right there be worth the risk of
ending up as a small theropod snack?
      Most importantly, you idea ignores the simultaneous extinctions
of birds, mammals, and marine species.  Keep in mind that the bulk
of studies of most mass extinctions, including the K-T extinction, are
based on marine, not terrestrial species.  
LN Jeff