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> And a great percentage of them first got the paleo bug
> after playing with a little bags of god awful plastic dinosaurs, or from
> seeing one of the really BAD dinosaur movies we all grew up with.  

      So it is all right to inspire people about a real life subject by
giving them a bogus portrayal of it?  If the real thing is so unexiting
that you have to lie, why bother?  If the real field IS exiting, why can't
that authentic exitement be brought to the big screen? Thanks to
CG, special effects have finally reached that point where they can be
COMPLETELY flawless and convincing. Seeing a _Velociraptor_ on the screen
that made you think "I hope the animal handlers know what they are
doing" instead of "nice special effects" would be pretty wild, even if it
wasn't a six foot genius.  Why can't we show the real thing?  Why is
dramatic dishonesty neccessary?      

> while it's seriously hard work, I would say the glamor is
> unquestionable.  The magic of hiking your ass off to get to the dig, the
> mystery of chipping through block after block of matrix just HOPING
> you'll find buried treasure, the wonder of discovery when you DO find
> something hidden for 100 million years.  Sorry Dana, but I think that's
> glamor at it's finest.  

     So why is it impossible to portray that real-life exitement on the
big screen?  Don't tell me that screenwriters, directors and actors
aren't talented enough to do the job, if it occured to them to go into the
field for a while and find out what the real exitement is all about.    

> Ahhhh...but Dana you miss the point.  They do ASK!!!  

     SOMETIMES they ask, if it occurs to them that it might not be true.  
How is a layperson supposed to tell the difference between "fact", 
"probably", "maybee", and "probably not" enough to know exactly what to
question? I have asked a number of people what they LEARNED about
dinosaurs from Jurassic Park; "T.rex's vision was based on movement" is a
popular reply.      
LN Jeff