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Jeffrey Martz wrote:
> So it is all right to inspire people about a real life subject by
> giving them a bogus portrayal of it?  

Hasn't fiction always been fiction?  Nonfiction always nonfiction? 
Look, just for the record, I'm not saying it wouldn't be BETTER if
Hollywood found a way to stick to at least an attempt at accuracy. To
me, it would be.  I WRITE nonfiction. I don't have a clue why they chose
to give Dilophosaurus a "frill" or make it spit when they had the
brilliant likes of John Gurche on retainer to offer professional and
artistic insights.  

But it's very unlikely the general public that swallows fiction as fact
will ever SEE any honest representation of paleo if their interests are
not first sparked.  If THE LOST WORLD does that, I'm not entirely
displeased.  Again, the b-movies of the fifties did draw some great
minds into the science.

I have learned two important lessons about the dinosaur list today.
Neither will go unheeded. 

kel (tail between her legs in a stricktly non-suggestive manner)
girl dino writer (who will keep some thoughts to herself, henceforth)