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Re: Size and Extinction (fwd)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> At 11:58 PM 2/17/97 -0800, Larry <dunn1@idt.net> wrote:
> >That means that 99.9% of all life forms were "failures."
> >
> >Dinosaurs disappeared BECAUSE they were adaptable.  They radiated out
> >gloriously becoming extreme specialists just as you advocate, but weren't
> >generic enough to make it when the ol' exploding bolide from outer space
> >paid them a call.
> I don't know where you folks are getting your data from, but at last count
> living dinosaur species outnumbered mammal species by MORE than two to one...
> (Sometimes it seems like nobody pays attention to systemicists anymore... :-(

OK.  Exclude "non-avian dinosaurs."  "Dinobirds."  "Featherosauruses."

:)  Larry