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At 19:03 -0700 18/2/97, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>Seeing a _Velociraptor_ on the screen
>that made you think "I hope the animal handlers know what they are
>doing" instead of "nice special effects" would be pretty wild, even if it
>wasn't a six foot genius.  Why can't we show the real thing?  Why is
>dramatic dishonesty neccessary?

It's a simple rule of dramatic performance.

The main monster should never be smaller than the leading lady.

>SOMETIMES they ask, if it occurs to them that it might not be true.
>How is a layperson supposed to tell the difference between "fact",
>"probably", "maybee", and "probably not" enough to know exactly what to
>question? I have asked a number of people what they LEARNED about
>dinosaurs from Jurassic Park; "T.rex's vision was based on movement" is a
>popular reply.

Spend a few minutes by the velociraptor bones at the natural history
museum in New York and listen to the dissapointed kids on discovering
that it really isn't that large.

However, it's only a movie.  I'm looking forward to lost world, even
though I know that they're going to mess with the best bits of the
dinosaurs and the best bits of the plot - leaving us with the worst
of both worlds... but the best that hollywood can produce.

If Hollywood didn't make these movies 'badly' they wouldn't be made
at all.  Their bottom line is entertainment, not pinpoin accuracy.

One of the reasons that the mess with the truth in movies is that there
isn't time to explain.  So they take a short cut - in this case,
make the dinosaur a little bigger and it will be scary without
the expert knowledge the rest of us have that the 'six-foot turkey'
isn't something one wants to meet on a dark night.

It's the same with computers.  In movies the 'hackers' do things quickly,
they're into the security system and into the files faster than most
people could get a reliable modem connect.  If they did computer stuff
at the 'real' pace, which is still exciting and stressful when one
is doing it, the movie would be tedious.

Heck, even waiting the 10 minutes for those machines to go through their
reboot cycle would have been tedious in the extreme - not only that
Grant, Sattler and the kids would have been toast.

So the producers never let accuracy get in the way of a fast moving plot,
and they know their job.

Having said all that, if the dinosaurs get mad cow disease, like they
did in the book... I _will_ be sick.

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Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
consequences of an accident with the new Iridium enriched fusion reactor.
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