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Re: Asteroid impact finally confirmed?

At 07:20 PM 2/18/97 -0700, martz@holly.ColoState.EDU wrote:
>> Dinosaurs (non-avian)   nearly all wiped out 
>> Dinosaurs (avian)       did pretty well
>     According to Fedducia, all birds except for one little group of
>shore-birds were wiped out.

Feduccia is demonstrably wrong.

Anseriformes, Gaviiformes, Procellariformes, and Charadriiformes are all
represented in the Late Cretaceous record.  Given commonly accepted avian
phylogenies (including those used by Feduccia) in which these are
monophyletic groups with sister-group relationships to particular other
living bird orders, most of the other neognath orders must have been present
in the Late Cretaceous.  If the neognaths are present, than the ratites and
tinamous (or at least a lineage containing their ancestors outside of all
other birds) must also have been present.  Thus, most of the major groups of
living birds were around in the Late K.

(see Chiappe, 1995, Nature 378:349-355 and papers cited therein).

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