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Re: Fiction

At 09:27 AM 2/19/97 -0500, tons@ccs.netside.com wrote:
>Dinosaurs are fantastic.  People are entralled by them.  You don't 
>see as many people go nuts over giant sloths(apologies to those who 
>study ancient mammals).
>If you try to write a story about an extinct creature, you will 
>understand you have to "invent" a lot of that animals behavior.  
>Also, the people that BUY stories don't give a crap about facts.  

Not entirely true.  If someone put a ring around Mars, or had Abraham
Lincoln a woman, or had an elephant with twelve legs, or had a character
watching "Leave it to Beaver, starring Michael Jackson as 'the Beaver'", it
would be pretty damn jarring!!  Unless that was the POINT of the story
(i.e., an alternate history story, which incidentally is one of my favorite
subgeneres of SF), these errors would certainly detract from the enjoyment
of the characters, storyline, etc.

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In this wide field, every earnest effort will meet with some degree of
success; every year will add new and important facts; and every generation
will bring to light some law, in accordance with which ancient life has been
changed into life as we see it around us to-day."
        --O.C. Marsh, Vice Presidential Address, AAAS, August 30, 1877