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Derek Tearne wrote:
> However, it's only a movie.  I'm looking forward to lost world, even
> though I know that they're going to mess with the best bits of the
> dinosaurs and the best bits of the plot - leaving us with the worst
> of both worlds... but the best that hollywood can produce.

Well, that's typical.  A great many movies and TV episodes would be a
lot better if the original script was what actually got produced.

> One of the reasons that the mess with the truth in movies is that there
> isn't time to explain.  So they take a short cut - in this case,
> make the dinosaur a little bigger and it will be scary without
> the expert knowledge the rest of us have that the 'six-foot turkey'
> isn't something one wants to meet on a dark night.

This is also true . . . but OTOH, maybe a man armed with a sword or
something could fight off a velociraptor pretty easily.  Remember, we
really don't know much of anything about how these critters actually
lived.  We know they looked Ultra Fierce, and that's about it.  In fact,
one of my pet peeves about a lot of dino-science today is that some
people, Bakker for instance, seem to want to make dinos into
superbeasts, as if they had the fighting ability of Bruce Lee mixed with
the tactical abilities of a wolf (which are considerable). 

> Having said all that, if the dinosaurs get mad cow disease, like they
> did in the book... I _will_ be sick.

This comment I'm not sure I understand.  Prion diseases can be
transmitted by consuming infected tissue.  They can affect animals as
different as humans and cows.  What's impossible or unbelievable about a
prion disease that afflicts dinosaurs?

-- JSW