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The Lost Child...

> Michael Miller wrote:

>By the way.  Get prepared for May 26.  "The Lost World" (Jurassic Park
>II) will be out in the theatres!

Brian Franczak wrote:

>> Believe me, I'm prepared. I've been stealing barf-bags from airplanes for
>> over a year now.

It's truly sad to witness the rearing of the ugly head of a cynic! Must we
kill the joy of the child in becoming adults? Since when should art (yes it
is art and pop culture at the same time) be judged on its scientific
acuracy anyway? And since when is science so accurate it that it becomes
dogma. I remind you Brian that no paleontologist alive can show you a one
hundred percent accurate dinosaur. Maybe we should get out the barf bags
for Star Wars (easy Darren, I'm a big Star Wars enthusiast) because the
fighters don't obey the laws of physics. There should be no sound in space
or flames on the explosions or planets reachable by sub-light speed, etc,
etc, etc. We don't. Why? Because we have minds capable of thinking. We can
accept fantasy and reality and illusion all mixed together. The innocence
still left in our hearts from childhood can find joy in a little departure
from hard reality. What is hard reality anyway? Maybe the cynics out there
should take a few philosophy classes...

Spielberg's, The Lost World, is quite a departure from Chrichton's book and
it is going to be spectacular.

Dana Geraths wrote:

>> It also gives people the wrong impressions about the morphology of > >
>>some >>animals. Every single school talk I have ever given ( and I have >
>>given ALOT) >>someone asks if Dilophosaurus could spit venom......

Kelly wrote:

>Ahhhh...but Dana you miss the point.  They do ASK!!!  And thanks to
>people like you and me, they are given a good dose of science along with
>the fictionalized fun stuff.

>> yikes.... your right, thats good press.

>I take the good with the bad Dana.  I love the hard science, just as
>much as the next guy.  But I see no sin in loving the fun natured stuff
>too.  Sue me, I'm a fun kinda gal.

Dana and others of the same chowderhead attitude shame on you! Long Live
the Kelly Milner Halls of the world, ye shall inherit the kingdom of

S.S. Lazarus