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Re: mammal mystery

From: Ronald Orenstein <ornstn@inforamp.net>
 >  I think 2 legs is inefficient for running through
 > >tangled hoops.
 > Then why in the great screaming hell do so many birds do it so well????
 > >  As you have noted I have little knowledge about rails.
 > Mr Bois, I really hate to say this, and I don't want to get personal,
 > but it truly seems to me that you have little knowledge of the
 > natural history of living animals in general,

I have to agree.  It is not as if brush birds are all that unusual!

There are birds, other than rails, here in California that generally
behave exactly as you described the rails behaving (even to being
reluctant to actually fly - the main difference is that they are
not "thin as rails").
 > >    2. If bipedalism was no impediment to dinosaurs in close-cover,
 > >why do you think they were excluded?  (I believe we do see mammal
 > >replacement at least in this niche, no?)
 > Who says they were?  How do you know that there were no dinosaurs in
 > such environments?

In fact I am going to say the opposite.

If _Nanosaurus_ didn't frequent closed cover environments, I will
eat my hat.  And I am fairly certain that at least some of the smaller
pachycephalosaurs were forest animals.

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