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Re: Behaviour Bias

    I agree with Caitlin's thoughtful post, and as the most recent
asserter of the dread "_Velociraptor_ as lion" paradigm, I apologize.  I
didn't mean to imply there was a convincing rational basis to expect
this behavior in Cretaceous theropods, much less any convincing direct
evidence.  I might more usefully have suggested "_Velociraptor_ as
Harris' Hawk", or "_Velociraptor_ as Crow" (fascinating interpretation
of Brandon Lee's character, don't you think?), only the relevant
behaviors of those species are less well known (possibly excepting Lee).

    Yet I did find the behaviors plausible, and still do, both on
grounds of present similar behaviors in smaller-brained avian theropods,
and on grounds that behavior spanning the range from group foraging to
cooperative hunting (surely a continuum, not a dichotomy) seems to have
evolved many times separately, across the vertebrates and beyond, to the
obvious benefit of those species that exhibit it.

    And I remain curious about the behavior of big lizards and

    But enough already, we should get back to less controversial
topics, like whether birds came first and whose Sues is good news.

                                                  --  Jay Freeman