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Movie Themes


I have intentionally laid back and refrained from commenting on the latest round of "movie bashing" now directed against "The Lost World".

Movies are movies. Some of you either don't understand this simple concept or refuse to accept it. If you think you won't like the movie, stay home. If you think you might be entertained, go see it. But, in every case judge it on its entertainment value unless it is a nonfictional documentary.

Pilots bitch about airplane movies. Sailor gripe about nautical movies. Cops reject crime/hero movies. The list goes on. Hollywood never gets it right as far as every user group is concerned. So what? If fiction is better than fact, go with what people want. People want entertainment. They want the uncommon. For that one moment they can buy a ticket and escape from their dull lives and be chased by a dinosaur. Sounds pretty neat to me.


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