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Re: bring back the moderator!

>> Is Micky ever coming back?
>Not as moderator, no.  I'm still around, but I'm taking a hands off
>approach to simulate the way I expect I expect the list to be run by
>the Dinosaur Society (which will hopefully start any day now...)  They
>wanted to know if they could maintain the list with 5 man-hours per
>week as opposed to the 20 I was putting in last year.  It's possible,
>but the result is what you're seeing now.  If you want to voice your
>support for a moderated (and therefore more labor intensive group) you
>might consider taking it up with the Dinosaur Society directly
>(dsociety@aol.com).  Don't expect a quick response from them,

        Eh, well...  I certainly appreciate all your hard work, Mickey.  At
least we're not infested with creationists, like the usenet science groups

       Let me just send a friendly request to my fellow laymen.  It's a
great privilege to listen in on Ben Waggoner, Thomas Holtz, and that fellow
from that square state out west somewhere (not to slight anyone whose name
I don't have in front of me) going about their daily business.  Many of us
are here to learn about what's current in the dino business.  _Of course_,
disputes and controversy are part of what makes science happen.  And sure,
prehistoric mammals are interesting, too.  (In fact, if anyone can tell me
where I can find a good book on South American prehistoric mammals, in the
manner of the late George Gaylord Simpson but with better illustrations,
I'd appreciate it.)  But this is a dinosaur list.  Many of the professors
have been driven off usenet by babbling buttinskies, and now they
communicate here.  I'd hate to have them resort to closed intranets and us
be unable to listen at all.

        So how about it?  For better or worse, we're a self-policing group
now.  Sure, the beasties are fascinating, and we've all got opinions.
Many's the time I've felt compelled to share what I saw on National
Geographic Explorer or read in Discover.  That's fine--once in awhile.  But
let's leave room for the pros to go about their business, okay?


        "The more television I watch, the more I wonder why I'm not already
supreme ruler of earth."  --Dogbert