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Re: Moderation of Newsgroup

>In a message dated 97-02-20 03:06:16 EST, you write:
><< I resent having to wade through 30+ irrelevant posts a
> day--however informed and informative they may otherwise be. >>
>"Scientists and professionals" are of course extraordinarily useful and
>informative. But the whole science of paleontology is based on discoveries of
>rank ameteurs and nobodies iin the field.

        Granted.  I'll bet little worth comes from windy (wine)barroom
arguments, though.

Do I detect a hint of "censorship"
>here? Just who determines what is relevant?  You?

        Oh, you don't scare me with yer namecallin'!

 To risk beiing offensive, I
>find the very concept a hoot! Are not a multitude of threads equally
>interesting to all except the closed or those focused on one aspect of a
>subject ?  True there are a LOT of posts lately but I know my understanding
>of paleontology and ALL of its various facets has been greatly inriched by
>this list exactly as it is!

        Good for you.  The list is advertised, however, as a professional
discussion of dinosaurs.  I'm here to learn about dinosaurs from people who
know what they're talking about, not listen to people like me chattering
about movies.

 An exagerated since of self importance


 or narrow minded focusing

        Hey, it's dinosaur list  (and not a newsgroup) Truth in labeling...

 should not be a reason to change the newsgroup. Perhaps the
>extinction of the the early dinosaurian forms was a mistake and the species
>that should have been extincted (sic) lives on !
>"To view nature you must not distance yourself from her but rather embrace


        "The more television I watch, the more I wonder why I'm not already
supreme ruler of earth."  --Dogbert