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Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> No modern predator of
> any sort would roar, or hiss, or snarl, or spit, or do anything else
> that would create noise, when it's hunting.  

 owls hooting to stir up things out of cover

> still, why would a
> killing weapon be placed on the _hind_ foot when it had perfectly
> serviceable jaws and forelimbs equipped with their own array of
> customized cutlery? 

because they needed them there so the hands could do other things-just
like on birds.
>  Except under rare
> circumstances, when a dog-size animal hunts a moose-size animal,
> co-operation is the only way to go.  Which implies that either
> dromaeosaurs did hunt in packs, or their primary prey was no larger than
> they were.

which sort explains the
same-size-protceratops-biting-the-same-size-veloceraptor fossil, now
doesn't it?
Maybe Deinonychus tipped over ankylosaurs and gutted them with the back

> > The cold hard reality
> > from observation of extant species is that the ability to hunt
> > cooperatively is strictly a mammalian one -- and rare even then -- and that
> > the bird or crocodilian brain (and thus through inference the dinosaur
> > brain) is incapable of the higher functions necessary to perform this task.

cooperative-yes I'll agree with you- Shark frenzy couldn't possibly
exist as a cooporative action.