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Re: Impact senerios

Michael wrote:
> What do you know of the inland sea in NA and overall sea level compared to
> today at the end of the Maastrictian?

There is a very distinct possibility that the sea never fully retreated 
from the western interior at the end of the Cretaceous. There is new 
data unpublished of a short sealevel rise in the Hell Creek of North 
Dakota in the Triceratops zone (John Hoganson data). The sea would have 
been in eastern ND.
        This is an important concept because later Cret. rocks in, 
eastern Canada, Kansas, Missouri ect. have been eroded away. Of course 
the lower Paleocene Cannonball Sea of North Dakota probably connected to 
the ocean to the north (Hudson Bay ?).
        A lot of data supports sealevel rise beginning in the Late 
Maestrichtian and extending into the Paleocene, based on recent research 
on the Gulf Coast.
        Thus, sealevel seems to have been rising again before dinosaurs 
went extinct.

Jim Kirkland