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Re: why larger?

At 01:58 PM 2/20/97 -0500, Dinogeorge wrote:
>What you are describing here are circumstances that, every so often, >lead
>to< a "speciation event." You have not described the >event< itself. How, for
>example, would one determine that a >new species< has been created that was
>not there prior to the event?
        Ok, you got me, you caught me in too many generalizations. let me
        The circumstances which are, as far as I can tell, most commonly
theorized having a causal relationship with respect to speciation are
indistinguishable from those which are theorized as having a causal
relationship with respect to dwarfism.  This does not mean that these are
the only factors which might cause either.  In my (again, limited) reading
on the subject, these are the ones which stand out.  Indeed, I would
appreciate it if anyone who can name others would speak up.
        The speciation event itself is irrelevant to my point, and I
apologize for any confusion.  If the circumstances which we theorize are
responsible for dwarfism are, at least, a subset of those we theorize are
responsible for speciation, then dwarfism might be considered a form of
speciation as long as it does not violate the biological constraints of that
term (ie. interbreeding is effectively impossible, etc...).
        This also raises the possiblity that dwarfism *could* be more common
than some say, and may be a frequent component of evolution.  In this case,
you (George) must think long and hard before dismissing dwarfism a priori as
an exception to whatever "rule" you are expounding on.

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