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Bettyc wrote:
>  why would a
> > killing weapon be placed on the _hind_ foot when it had perfectly
> > serviceable jaws and forelimbs equipped with their own array of
> > customized cutlery?
> because they needed them there so the hands could do other things-just
> like on birds.They are very much adapted for using the hind claw: The tendon 
> pit to 
power it like a switch-blade, Adaption to hold it upright at rest to 
keep it sharp, A specialized tail for balence, a short back and 
specialized pelvis for keeping center of gracity over hind legs, and lon 
arms to hold you at arms length, while it kicks you to death.
>  Which implies that either
> > dromaeosaurs did hunt in packs, or their primary prey was no larger than
> > they were.

> Maybe Deinonychus tipped over ankylosaurs and gutted them with the back
> claws?
> With Utahraptor, the ankylosaurs were considerably bigger (weight wise) 
with lots of huge spines. They were the most common animals in the fauna 
and I figure pretty much immune to Utahraptor's attacks. The other 
potential prey includes several kinds each of sauropods and iguanodonts 
(pretty tasty) unless you have them eating fish, turtles, and crocs.

Later dromaeosaurs are all a lot smaller than their associated 

Jim Kirkland