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Re: islands in the Pacific-was Re: mammal mystery

From: Bettyc <Bettyc@flyinggoat.com>
 > Montara Mountain, the mountain I live next to here in N Cal., is likely
 > a cretaceous island remnant (granite formed in the Pacific during the
 > Cretaceous-and the only spot in the Bay Area constantly above the water
 > line since the early paleozoic)-and you can bet I'm hoping they vote
 > for the tunnel to go through, since this increases the chances of
 > finding some-ummm-stuff........
 > Am I reaching?  Is this reasonable?  ...

If it is all granite - no.  Granite almost never has fossils.
What you need is the sediment layed down *on* *top* of the granite.
Unforutnately that may all be eroded away.

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