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links and JP/Lost World

    Greetings all,
        First of all, I'm looking for some links for the Alberta 
Palaeontological Society web-page. Particularily, I'm interested in 
anything to do with amateur/avocational and Alberta palaeontology     
(and perhaps that of the rest of Canada as well). Any links would be 
greatfully appreciated.

        The APS on the web can be found at:

        Sigh, now it's time to get my feet wet in the great JP/Lost 
World debate. As I've said before (in one of this thread's previous 
incarnations a half a year ago) the fact that JP was wrong does not 
bother me. The oversize Raptor[tm] superbeasts don't bother me, the 
spitting Dilophosaurus doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the 
fact that they LIED about it. Spielberg out and out LIED to the face 
of every person who saw that film. They KNEW that they were getting 
these things drastically wrong(my sources on the inside told me so;-), 
and knowing that, they still proceeded to LIE about it's "absolute 
scientific accuracy"... A fact that seems quite convenient for the 
"it's only fiction! Take a pill for God's sake!" camp to neglect. I 
could buy that it was only fiction (and very bad fiction at that) if 
James Earl Jones and Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston and Phil 
Tippet and all the rest of them didn't keep perpetrating the LIE that 
it wasn't. They wouldn't let it be fiction because they had to keep 
harping on how it was all "scientific eventuality" and "absolutely 
correct" and all the rest of those LIES. And if you want a ref. on 
these claims, sit back and watch _The Making Of Jurassic Park_. 

        Sure, damage would have been done if they left it alone, but 
the public would be aware that it was just fiction. Now untold damage 
has been done because JP is telling them THE TRUTH.

        Thanx for the eye time

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