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Re: The Lost Child.../LOST WORLD

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997 10:46:54 -0800 slaz@electriciti.com (Steven S.
Lazarus) writes:

> The point is that a movie *IS NOT INTENDED TO BE 
>DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF REALITY!!* It employs exaggeration on purpose. <


> Jurassic Park is *NOT* and never was supposed to be a
>realistic movie... The fact that they did such a good job with
surrealism has
>tricked you into believing it is more than it is.
>As for the subject of the general public getting some wrong 
>about dinosaurs from these movies. So what?!! That's where science 
>comes in
>to do its part. And people in general are going to have plenty of
>misconceptions throughout life of many things just as many of you lack
>knowledge of the art of film making. That's just life. When you get
>specialized you're going to lack knowledge in other areas.<

RIGHT ON AGAIN!  And that's where education comes in too.  Thanks for
taking the words right out of my brain and saying this stuff better than
I did.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate
Virginia Living Museum