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What Happened to that Other Movie?

I've followed with interest the thread on "The Lost World," but I'm
curious about "that other dinosaur movie" that I've heard rumors about for
a couple of years. There was some information about it a few issues back
in _The Prehistoric Times_. In issue 12 of the PT, Don Glut talks about it
and mentions that Gregory Paul is/was the dinosaur consultant and that Tom
Dickens was making (animating?) the models. The name--"Dinosaur Valley
Girls"--is intriguing. But we'd all go to see it for the dinosaurs, right?

My $.02 on the LW debate. When the news first broke that Ray Harryhausen
was planning a remake of "1,000,000 Years B.C.," those of us who loved
stop-motion dinosaurs felt that at last the ultimate dinosaur movie was
going to be made. If you recall (if you're old enough :-) the "dinosaur
footage" from the original movie with Victor Mature was used for a long
time as "stock footage" in other movies with a prehistoric theme. Forrest
J. Ackerman commented hopefully that future movies would no longer have
lizards disguised as dinosaurs, that the Harryhausen footage would be used
as stock footage. That didn't come to pass. Instead, between the
Harryhausen remake and JP, we had the "dinosaurs" from "The Land That Time
Forgot" and their ilk, including the man in the suit from the Richard
Boone movie "The Last Dinosaur." Yes, JP has lots of plot and logic holes.
That's why I enoy watching "The Making of Jurassic Park" more than the
movie itself. For myself, I'm still waiting for the perfect dinosaur
CD-ROM. More about that in another post.

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