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Re: The Lost Child...

S.S.Lazarus wrote:

>As for the subject of the general public getting some wrong 
>about dinosaurs from these movies. So what?!! That's where science 
comes in
>to do its part. And people in general are going to have plenty of
>misconceptions throughout life of many things just as many of you lack
>knowledge of the art of filmmaking. That's just life. When you get
>specialized you're going to lack knowledge in other areas.

And we 'true' dinosaurist have to tell people over, and over and OVER 
what is factual and what is fiction. For istance, I was at a Dinosaur 
park in Utah, I was standing next to a Dilophosaurus, I overheard some 
women say thats not Dilophosaurus, it dosen't have a frill. How many 
paleontologist have to WASTE there time CORRECTING people, over and 
over and over. It gets frustrating. Thanks to Creaton and Spilberg!

But I did enjoy the movie because I KNOW it was just a move and if IT 
was done more correct it would have been even better. I'm NOT looking 
forward to the new one. I HOPE the Carnotarus aren't chamelon like like 
it was in the book. Just one more thing people will say is fact, argue 
with paleontologist with qurp's like, well how do you know, you weren't 
there. God almight, I could just &*)__()(***()( them.