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Re: links and JP/Lost World

jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:58:37 -0700 Palaeogothica
> <GROS4891@Adc.MtRoyal.AB.CA> writes:
> What does bother me is the fact that they LIED about it. Spielberg out
> and out LIED to the face of every person who saw that film. They KNEW
> that they were getting these things drastically wrong(my sources on   > the 
> inside told me so;-), and knowing that, they still proceeded to   > LIE about 
> it's "absolute scientific accuracy"... A fact that seems    > quite 
> convenient for the "it's only fiction! Take a pill for God's > sake!" camp to 
> neglect.<

Wait, wait, wait.  Assuming your "insider" was correct and Spielberg's
troops knowingly misrepresented the facts (I'll concede such a thing is
not beyond the realm of possiblity), when did anyone at that camp
publicly claim "absolute scientific accuracy?"  Was I writing about the
history of marbles?  Shopping for delicates?  Slapping the wacky?  

Nah, I don't think anyone at Amblin or Universal EVER said, "Jurassic
Park and The Lost World are a stab at absolute scientific accuracy." It
was a MOVIE - - FICTION.  Not a documentary - - supposed fact.  THAT is
the "take a pill" line of thinking here.  And perhaps it's a thought
worth restating.  

*kel (out on a limb again with the slap the wacky thing)
Girl Dino Writer (unless Spielberg has infected my ethics)

> As part of the "take a pill" camp, I resent the implication that it was
> convenient for us to neglect this problem.  First of all, there is a
> limit as to what we can do about it.  Freedom of the Press means
> Spielberg etc. can say whatever they want about their movie.  Second, it
> would be a waste of time for every dinosaur institution to demand equal
> time after each commercial (or movie showing) to give their side of the
> story.  The best we paleo types, educators, etc. can do is to use the
> movie as a hook to get people to come to a dinosaur exhibit, and then
> bust our buns to correct the wrong ideas.  Call it job security for
> educators!  It'd be great if we wouldn't have to do all the correcting,
> and I challenge folks out there to make a film where we don't have to.
> But at the same time, one has to resign ones' self to reality and go with
> the flow.  At least for now.
> Judy Molnar
> Education Associate
> Virginia Living Museum
> vlmed@juno.com
> jamolnar@juno.com