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Re: The Lost Child...

>And we 'true' dinosaurist have to tell people over, and over and OVER 
>what is factual and what is fiction. For istance, I was at a Dinosaur 
>park in Utah, I was standing next to a Dilophosaurus, I overheard some 
>women say thats not Dilophosaurus, it dosen't have a frill. How many 
>paleontologist have to WASTE there time CORRECTING people, over and 
>over and over. It gets frustrating. Thanks to Creaton and Spilberg!

True. I'm not a paleontologist, but I find myself correcting people all the 
time. However, before JP came out, I was correcting people for the 
misconception that dinos were all sluggish, cold-blooded (I know, I tell 
them it's undetermined etc.) and derived from reptiles, and that they died 
because mammals were smarter.

>But I did enjoy the movie because I KNOW it was just a move and if IT 
>was done more correct it would have been even better. I'm NOT looking 
>forward to the new one. I HOPE the Carnotarus aren't chamelon like like 
>it was in the book. Just one more thing people will say is fact, argue 
>with paleontologist with qurp's like, well how do you know, you weren't 
>there. God almight, I could just &*)__()(***()( them.

        I agree, my suspended disbelief fell and shattered on the floor when 
I read the book. I hope the movie is different, which I have heard it will 
be. I'll be in the theatre, though. I have to see for myself, and if the 
rest of the film is garbage, I will look forward to the new dino effects. Is 
this a guilty pleasure? I don't know. But I'll be there, preferably at a 
late showing without kids.

        As for people believing stupid things like invisible dinosaurs, 
there are still people who believe that the moon landing was faked; that the 
government has the remains of aliens and their crashed UFO in storage; that 
the positions of the stars determines what happens in our lives; that money 
sent to the 700 Club is well spent; and that Madonna is newsworthy and 
interesting. Heck, there's a yahoo who posts on way too many newsgroups who 
thinks he has the skull of a human giant from the Carboniferous. You just 
have to smile and walk away. : ) There are much better ways to spend your 
time than trying to convert these folks.

William C. Ward