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Re: Liaoningornis?

At 08:19 PM 2/22/97 -0700, kmh wrote:
>Was _Liaoningornis_ the name of the feathered fossil found in
>Northeastern China?  Was it found in 1997 or late 1996?  Was it sparrow
>sized?  And was it likely a dinosaur or a prehistoric bird?  

   I do not recall whether the bird _Liaonigornis_ showed feather traces,
but it is from the same locality as the feathered bird fossil
_Confusciusornis sanctus_ and the feathered dinosaur fossil _Sinosauropteryx

   _Sinosauropteryx_ was located in late 1996.  Don't know about _L._ and
_C._ off the top of my head.

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