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Tracy Ford wrote:

> Some might take offense to the part. I was at a symposium and a
> journlist for a radio station was there. She was surprise that the
> paleontologist, WEREN'T BORING or Un-assuming people.
 > I take it you don't like doing that Yucky-poo work.

and some paleontologists don't have much of a sense of humor..........
Tracy, that was supposed to be irony and cynicism.
Personally, I like paleontologists, good 'ol Tim there even likes anime,
and everybody here's seen the same monster movies I have-(just depends
on the person whether they liked them or not).  To me, that makes them
good  great conversationalists


(I was raised by an entymologist and a Doctor of Computer Science-both
of whom were rock collectors, so I guess I'm used to 'boring and
un-assuming' people.)