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Re: Calling people's arguments "pedestrian"

An impassioned plea follows.

May I request, humbly, of all posters that we treat each other with the 
respect that we all deserve? Let me briefly explain why I ask this.

There are many people who think I'm foolish for continuing to love 
prehistoric animals after the age of 12.  This is a silly bias on their 
part but it still is intimidating to have to defend your interests.  On 
this mailing list I can let down my guard and talk dinosaurs (actually, 
mostly read dinosaurs) with people who passionately share my interests; 
better yet, paleontologists answer my questions and sometimes set me 

So lets all remember that we're among friends and agree to courteously 
disagree without ad hominum attacks on each other.

Let's also show Mickey (and each other) that we're not the kind of people 
who need constant supervision to take the high road.

End of sermon!